Thursday, June 11, 2015

Take a Minute.

Right now I'm taking a minute before the weekend arrives and life starts happening to sit down and acknowledge myself.

Yeah, you read that right.

I'm gonna take a second to think of a few reasons to say YAY ME! And WOW! I'm so proud of you, gia. (not that I normally talk to myself in the 3rd person ;)) And I want to invite you to do the same.

You ready?
Let's play.

Close your eyes if you want…

And take a moment to think about all the things you've been doing over the past few days, weeks or couple of months. It doesn't have to be anything unusual or super exciting…it can be the day to day stuff and whatever comes to mind. If you want grab a pen and paper and jot some ideas down, go for it. I'll wait.

Stumped? Here's a few to get your brain fired up...

I made that deadline for work.
I finished that project I've been working on.
I reached out to my friend to see how things were going.
I spent some time in the garden relaxing last weekend.
I took my pup on a fun hike last month.
I read books with my kids every night before they go to sleep. 

Now that you've thought of a few things it's time to acknowledge yourself. 

Maybe just doing this exercise is enough. Or perhaps you want to scream out loud and say, YES! THAT WAS SO AWESOME! I'M SO PROUD OF ME! Of maybe it calls for a celebration jig or trip to the store for your own little mini prize.

Whatever sounds good to you, do it.

For some reason as we get older we tend to skip this step or we blow it off. Or we make excuses on why we "shouldn't" or don't need to say "YAY me!" anymore.

"I dont' want to sound like I'm bragging."
"I do this every day it really isn't' THAT big of a deal."
"Well my friend just did something way harder or cooler and it's not as awesome as that."

I'm here to call BS on every single one of these reasons and whatever ones you got.

Because acknowledging our wins, (big or small) IS important. It's that part of life we call self-care or self-love and in my opinion we don't get enough of it. 

And as much as we might want this cute little furry guy to come a knock'in on our door to give us a high five for rocking out the healthy family meals, working our butts off studying for a class or making it to the gym 4 days this week he's probably not going to show up out of the blue. Which is all the more reason to do it for ourselves.

Because it feels good. 

Your body will thank you.
Your mind will celebrate with you.
And I bet no matter how silly you might feel doing cartwheels in your driveway your lips will have no choice but to curl up into a smile at least for just a second. 

I know it can be kinda awkward sometimes if we're not used to it but I promise it gets easier the more we do it and it can be so much fun!

I  know I'm proud of me right now.

And I let out an EEK I'm so happy I just did THAT squeal a few days ago. And last week I celebrated something I've been working really hard on by grabbing some chocolate chip mint ice cream with some friends to top it off.

So let me ask you...what are YOU proud of right now? 

Leave a comment below and let me know so I can celebrate with you! And if you were here I'd definitely give you a gold star, a high five and a super big hug.
WOO HOO! I'm making some noise for you!


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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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Smiles + Cartwheels, 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Is something missing?

Most of the time when we say we're busy it's meant as a bad thing right? But really being busy isn't bad as long as we're busy with the right things. 

These past few weeks I've been BUSY which for me isn't the norm because honestly I'm a commitment freak. Let's just say I love my flexible lifestyle and I'm really protective of my time. And I've worked hard over years learning how to say yes, only to things I want to do and saying no, to the things I'm no longer excited about or just don't feel good anymore.

HOWEVER... I've felt for awhile that something is missing.
Do you ever feel like that? 

For me it centered around purpose. I've been wanting to DO more with my time and out in the world and one thing that I kept thinking about was how much I missed working with or advocating for foster youth.

So this year, for my birthday I decided that my gift to myself was to check out a volunteer organization called CASA that I've always wanted to volunteer for but wasn't sure I had the time.

I sat down, googled their website and found out that they were having an info meeting ironically 2 days later : LOVE THAT! And the next thing you know I was having an interview and begining the 42 hour training classes the following week.

For me, I just gotta say yes when things just seem to line up perfectly and I also knew that deep down I didn't want another 6 months to go by wishing I'd just jumped in.  

But I gotta be honest here. As excited as I was to add this into my life I was also kinda freaking out on the inside.

Maybe you can relate...

"Seriously an 18 month commitment are you crazy?!"
"Do I REALLY have the time? Who am I kidding?! What about xyz"
"And how the heck am I going to make the night trainings work around our family evenings and Tobin's lacrosse practice?" 

I could go on and on but you get the jist.

Can you guess what I had to do?
That's right. I had to do…ASK FOR HELP.

So I reached out to friends to coordinate rides for Tobin. I moved things around on my schedule to free up some pockets of time so I didn't feel overwhelmed. I made sure to keep my exercise time scheduled so I don't run myself down. And I talked with my family about why this is so important to me and what the commitment looks like so we were all on the same page and we can work it out together.

And you know what?
It's happening.

And you know why? 
Because I wanted to do this.
And I decided to make it work.
It's that simple.

Check this cartoon out…so true right?! :)

I also knew that I actually had to say YES and COMMIT then trust myself to figure it out.

And you know what else? 

I'm not only busier but I'm happier! I'm so excited that I'm doing this kind of work again and that I have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a foster child.

Plus I'm more productive and focused on other things in my life because I have to be. AND I'm actually getting more done, learning a ton and meeting some other amazing, big-hearted people in my class! SUPER BONUS!

So now…I'd love to hear from you. 

Let's imagine for a second that we're hanging out right here together. Just you and me on these cute little benches in the trees.

Talk to me... 
What have you always thought about or talked about wanting to do?
When was the last time you looked into it or tried to make it happen? Has it been awhile?
What does the hustle and bustle in your life look like?
Are you busy with the right things? Or are there some things you need to change so you can free up your time for the stuff you really wanna do?

Think about it and get back to me…
Need help figuring it out? That's what I'm here for.

Alrighty then! It's go time!
Gotta get my homework done! WOO HOO!
Never thought I'd be excited about that! :)

Big Hugs + Go DO IT vibes, 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mama Love

Love all of the beautiful photos + stories + smiles of Mama Love flowing around the web and all of the rockin' dudes who took the time to celebrate their wives or mother's yesterday…the little things really do matter the most.

Extra love going out to those of you who shared your memories of missing your mama's and to my friends who wished they could be mama's or those who maybe didn't have the love they hoped their mama could give... who might of have a hard time yesterday. Extra Big hugs to you.

I just found these photos this morning of me and my mom just relaxing in the wind on my brothers boat years ago, sometimes I can still her voice and remember our exact conversations before her memory loss journey and I am so grateful + no words can describe how much this crazy boy who's making silly faces next to me on the beach continues to make my heart smile… Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Take my Hand.

photo via

With all that's happening right now in the world from Nepal to Baltimore for a moment lets imagine that we're all holding hands…so we can shift some of the bad and the hurt to more good and love. I'm reaching mine out to you.

Smiles + Love,

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bday Love

Thank you for all the birthday love + happy wishes!

I had a beautiful and mellow birthday yesterday due to a chest cold...yet really enjoyed celebrating with my boys.

I went on a little lunch scooter date with my guy + got some pretty flowers from my boy + a gorgeous orchid from my bro + sis-n-law. I spent some solo time writing an I am grateful for & I am proud of list + snapped some fun pics with my fav mini polaroid. We toped it off with a yummy sushi homemade dinner and family snuggles on the couch watching one of my fav movies : Good Will Hunting. It was also made special with a few phone calls and text messages from family and friends and some of you! Thank you so much for thinking of me.

I do know as time goes on that it really is about the everyday moments with people we love.

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