Thursday, April 23, 2015

An invitation

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This photo is so beautiful and inviting : something about the big trees and winding road feels like an invitation for what's to come…


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scariest moment of my life.

Big Hugs going out to you today...

I'm back via video to share a message + story with you about why I've been unplugged the past few weeks.

I'll also share 2 takeaways I had after experiencing the scariest moment of my life which ended in one women's death 3 weeks ago.

Please note that the tears start to flow towards the end and my words are far from perfect but I decided to leave it as is because masterfully edited didn't seem as real to me. This is just the raw me sharing with you and I don't want it any other way.

Besides if we hang out for any length of time you're gonna find out that I hold nothin' back. Tears + smiles + stumbles and all and I welcome you to do the same.As always I love to hear from you if you're open to sharing your thoughts, takeaways or insight. All you gotta do is comment below or send me an email. I promise that I read every single message and I will get back to you.

Thank you so much for being here.Thank you for being who you are in the world.

And don't ever forget that YOU ARE LOVED.

Big Smiles,

P.S. I intentionally didn't share the entire story here about the event as it would take more time but if you'd like to read the details you can check out the article here.

P.P.S. If you'd like to connect via FB hop on over here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Push Play!

Today I'm mixing things up and coming you to via VIDEO…so FUN!

All you gotta do is push play and give a listen then don't forget to grab your free copy of my mini guide by clicking here!

Have a SUPER BADASS day!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Re-TREAT with Me!

I've been dreaming about this one for years and just decided it's time to make it happen! I'm putting together everything I love and I'm creating an in person ReTREAT gia-style!

Think: Road trip adventure meets beautiful getaway.
Think : Community + Connection + Conversations with kind + amazing people.
Then add in : Laughing, music, creating, learning, sharing, inspiration, twinkle lights and FUN!

I'm still mocking it up and playing with the details but I didn't want to wait any longer to share it with you! If this sounds like something you might wanna do with me or find out more about give me a SHOUT! Say KALE YEAH! Interest list coming up…

Smiles, gia

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FREE Coaching {Dementia Support}

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I've been doing some serious reflecting while writing my book over the past few months and as a gut girl I've had this feeling that won't go away... so I'm listening.

Something keeps telling me to reach out to other people who's parents are dealing with dementia. Ironically I've been receiving emails and phone calls from friends or friends-of-friends over the past couple of weeks who are struggling with this or are just starting out right now.

A sign perhaps? I say, yeah. 
So I decided it's time to throw something out there.

I think most of you know by now that my mom suffers from dementia. She started loosing her memory at a fairly young age when she was only 65. And before that we watched my grandmother do the same however she was in her 80's which made it a little bit easier to accept yet not uncomplicated by any means.

I know for me it's been an 8 year roller coaster ride of emotions, unanswered questions and struggle trying to figure out how to help take care of my family, grieving the loss of my mother while not forgetting myself along the way.

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At the same time I've had some amazing realizations and incredible movements with my mom that wouldn't have been noticed or even happened if it wasn't for her memory loss journey. Like simply just holding her hand like she always held mine. Those I am grateful for.

I'm one of those people that believes there's a reason we have hard stuff come up in our lives and I keep thinking that there's a reason my family has been on this crazy ride and I'm wondering if there's a way to turn something not so fun into something meaningful.

So instead of asking why is this happening or I really wish I could make my mom's memory come back I decided to see how I can offer support and help  other people like me who might be going through the same thing.

So here it is.

I'm offering a FREE COACHING SESSION to anyone who's looking for help and support with parents who suffer from dementia. 

Will you help me spread the word?

Here's how it's gonna work:
1. If you or someone you know would like to book one of my free dementia support coaching sessions just email me and let me know that you want in!
2. Then I'll share with you the days/times that I have available and you'll pick the one that works best.
3. Once scheduled then we'll hop on the phone for a 30 min call and dive in. Since coaching session take place via the phone or Skype you can be located anywhere in the country. Pretty cool right?
4. Like with all of my coaching all you need to do is show up. You talk openly. I listen deeply. I promise to give you everything I got and support you in any way that I can.
5. After your session I'll email you with your what's next options and you can decide if you're all good or if you would like more from me. No catch. No obligation. Just love and support.

If you have ANY questions please send 'em my way.

I know for me having a support network is what keeps myself in check when things feel overwhelming, sad, or unknown. And sometimes all I need is someone to listen who understands. Don't we all. ;)

Thank you so much for helping me spread the word because honestly, you know people that I don't and word of mouth is the best way to form a trusting connection.

As always thank you for being a part of this Big-Hearted community!
Much Love, 
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