Thursday, July 24, 2014

Show Them.

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What I'm working on more + more : How about you?


Finish Line.

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Getting about ready to cross the finish line with a project I've been working on that I'm super excited about…

I'm really good at starting and sharing but tend to get 95% done and freeze. For me I have to tap into the reason why I'm creating it as fuel to finish but I'd love to hear from you…

What tips do you have for crossing the finish line? What gets you to the final stage of something? Here I go, back to work on gettin' her done!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Open Roads.

One of my fav places to be...on an adventure : open roads + mountains rising + small towns + clouds playing in the sky… what about you?


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tofino Envy.

Time for a little family getaway. We decided to take the ferry from Washington to Victoria, BC to the cutest little town called, Tofino : Trees + Surf + a Skatepark there's something for all of us.

What do you love to do or see when you're on a getaway?


Friday, June 27, 2014


I spent the past weekend in Seattle celebrating my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was incredible to be in a room filled with so many beautiful people that have played a part in my parents lives over the years: from family, neighbors, college friends, colleagues, ski buddies and even some of my dads ex-students

I so love that my dad wanted to have a party even though my mom didn't really know what we were all there for due to dementia…I do however think she remembered a few faces and I know she got some giggles out of the stories and memories that were shared. And later in the evening they even got a little boogie on…my parents always loved to dance! So Fun!

Big hugs to everyone who continues to send love + sweet messages + cards + congrats their way…a magical evening and something I know my dad + my family will always remember.  Happiest 50th Mom & Dad An amazing example of unconditional love. We also happen to share our anniversary date! Super fun!


Lucky N Love

15 years ago this crazy guy Justin said he'd marry me + for some reason he's stuck around. :) As my dad says we're off to a good start...I feel like a lucky girl.

What feels like love to you?


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

He picked Me.

As you know: I'm all about Kindness + Love and tonight I was the lucky one...I was just walking home & waiting at the crosswalk for the light to change when I noticed a man across the street holding some pretty flowers : I smiled thinking how happy they would make whoever he's giving them to.

The light changed and I walked towards him when we caught each other's eyes...

Excuse me, he said...someone just gave me these flowers and I don't have a vase at home big enough for them so I've been standing here waiting for the right person to share them with. Would you like them?

YES! I smile growing even bigger, thank you so much!

My name is Brian.
I'm gia.
So nice to meet you...

He smiled and waved as we parted ways...

Kindness & Connection
Thats what life's all about don't you think?

He could of easily thrown them away or set them down but instead he waited and he reached out and I was the lucky one to cross his path tonight.

Thank you Brian. You have no idea how much that meant to me. I have the perfect vase for them at home.
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