Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You too?

photo via 

Oh yeah! Love this Nike ad. I'm workin' on getting back into my workout routine and lets just say that my exercise output often matches my daily mood. I tend to go nuts when I'm on a roll, inspired or need to reboot and can turn it off when I'm feeling tired or run down. I know, I know it "should" be the opposite, I'm working on that, just being honest here. So now that you know that about me then you'll know what it means when I say I've gone running the past 3 days in a row! FUCK YEAH! And I'm so not a runner. In the morning, no less. (Can I hear a HEY, from all the night owls out there?) So right about now this is how I feel. And I have a funny feeling that your feet might hurt too...Keep on KICKING ASS!

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