Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hi there! I'm so excited you're here! 

I want to welcome you to my newly updated website + blog! This is my new online home for my gig + my voice and to create a killer community of big hearted people, like you.

My site is here for 3 reasons + here's the scoop:

Part 1// It's Personal. This is a place for me to be me {no holdin' back baby} and to share my stories, dreams, adventures, Life Hit Lists, secret crushes and unforgettable moments with you. I've also made a promise to myself that there are no rules here. I'll write when I want, do it my way and share what inspires me, excites me and fires me up!

Part 2// My gig. As a life coach, consultant, entrepreneur : This is also a place for me to share tips, tools, classes,  interviews and more! As well as to introduce you to totally awesome, inspiring people. My mission is to help you live an unforgettable life on and offline. And I'm inspired to help people who make a difference in the lives of others. As my tag says: I'll help you Rock your life. Your gig. The World. 

Part 3// I'm all about community. Think of this as an online hotspot for passion-fueled + purpose-driven, gutsy, badass leaders, creatives, underdogs, entrepreneurs + world ignitors who are on a mission to make an impact in their lives and in the lives of others. People who want to live without regret. They want their life to matter. Check out my blogosophy for more...

I think you're here cuz we've got something in common or that were meant to meet. So PLEASE don't be shy...leave a comment. Say hello. Pop me an email. Tell me somethin' fun + juicy about you...  I wanna know.

And click, click, click around...make yourself at home.
For lots of love + the latest scoop make sure you sign up for some inbox awesome!

Smiles + welcome!
:) gia
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