Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just a band-aid.

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Or is it? My band-aid doesn't actually look as cute as this one. It's really just one of the plain, brown kinds... you know the ordinary everyday band-aids you grab when you accidentally cut your thumb while cooking. (not that I did that or anything) Yeah, that kind. So back to my story. Although it might look like an ordinary everyday band-aid to most, to me, it isn't. You's a magic band-aid.

Most people see a plain, brown, super ordinary, even kinda dingy band-aid on my thumb. To me, it's a magic band-aid. In fact when I look at it I can almost feel it's "powers." Like it's here to help me.  A visual reminder that everything's going to be okay today. That even if things don't turn out as planned, my band-aids got my back. Yup. Me and my band-aid we've got somethin' good together.

Right about now you might be thinking that I'm kinda crazy. Or that I've totally lost it. But hear me out. I'm realizing this more and more that I do this kind of thing ALL the time. In fact I think it's actually one of my secret weapons on life and attitude and I didn't even know it. I get asked quite often the same two questions: How do you stay so positive? AND How are you always so happy? And you see, my band-aid here... is one of my reasons why.

Because happiness and a positive attitude are a choice. Literally a moment to moment choice. And I'm really not any different then you or the people that ask me these questions but I consciously have to check myself and choose my attitude throughout each day (you know with all the ups and downs...there's never a dull moment) and what I continue to decide to share is positive and has a happy vibe. Well at least most of the time. (Come on, even I'm not perfect :))

Am I always happy? Hell no.
Do I stay positive 24/7? Are you kidding me?!

But like I said I'm realizing recently that I do little things with out really even thinking about it that help shift my attitude to the plus side. AND I gotta say... it's super duper fun. Like my magic band-aid. It kinda takes the pressure off of me. So the band-aid to some...might look like that, just a band-aid. But to you and me it's a magic one. {wink}

So off I go to live my day. Me and my magic band-aid.
Have any cuts? I got extra. :)


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