Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Me + the Big Leap

photo: 1. Not our car but it kinda looked like this 2. Yeah, that's little me sitting on top of my brother's bunk bed, bruised legs and all :)

When I was about 5 years old my mom was driving me over to my friend Karen's house in our VW station wagon (sweet ride btw) to play. Man, those were the days. I can't quite remember what we were going to do that day but we were definitely going to have some BIG FUN.

As we started to approach her house I quickly inched my way to the door or more like smashed my face against the window, unbuckled (remember: no carseats back then) and I was ready to launch. And you guessed it, I did just that. Which might sound fine and dandy except there was only one little problem. Our car was still moving.

So yeah, little gia went flying out the door and smacked hard on the not so smooth, rapidly approaching ground. And the screams kicked in. WAAAAAA!

No need to worry however...I was obviously ok, I am still here. Just had some not so fun scrapes and bruises and lots and lots of tears but nothing that a little mama love and a warm bath couldn't fix.

So yeah, I'm sure it hurt but what I remember most was being so upset at the fact that I had to go back home (priorities people!) DANG IT! My big fun was gonna have to wait.  And yeah, I'm sure I gave my mom a heart attack too...sorry mom! Man, I messed that one up.

So I'm sharing this story with you because it's one I've thought about over the years and was recently reminded of when my long lost childhood friend Karen (yeah, she really exists) came to visit me last weekend. Way cool. (Thx to Facebook: a great tool for connecting btw)

We story swapped and got to know each others families over some pasta + wine we also shared a few giggles about our history together. In fact we realized we hadn't seen each other or even talked since High School. As you might of guessed I had to ask her if she remembered the car jumping story. Yeah, she did. And a few others that I'll save for later. :)

So after we parted ways and vowed to see each other sooner rather than later I came home and kept thinking about little me taking the big leap.

I asked myself, "What would make you so excited RIGHT NOW that you would literally jump out of a moving car to go get?" And, "What door do you need to push open to go get it?" Man. A few ideas popped in my head right away most of which included secret crushes + guru's I'd love to meet but once I tamed that down I was left with this...

I can think of a few things that I really want right now and I realized (as cheesy as this is gonna sound) the only door that I need to push open and jump through is the one in my mind.  You know the one that can feel closed up so tight, it might as well be glued shut...that one. That's the door I need to push open and jump.

I have learned over and over that the biggest obstacle in my life or the thing that can hold me back most is myself.  I just gotta get out of my own way for a moment, long enough so I can channel my inner mini me and take the leap. And the great news about that is... I have 100% control over it. So no excuses baby.

So the question quickly turned into (not that I usually talk to myself in the 3rd person but it makes sense here right?) "Gia, what do you really want next? What are you so excited about that you will push that door open or get the fuck out of your own way and jump?" Hmmm...that's the one that's got me thinking. I'm gonna get back to you on that one.

So thanks to my re-connection with Karen this story came to the forefront of my mind. In fact when I told my son who I was going out to dinner with I said, "Oh, you know Karen, she's the one I jumped out of the moving car to go see when I was little."  "Oh her" he said with a silly little grin. So she's a legend around our house.

Thank you Karen and thank you little I go, I got some doors to push open.

So now let me ask you...
What makes you so excited that you'd literally jump out of a moving car to go get? OR What do you REALLY want next in your life? (Feel free to post your comments below if inspired to join in the conversation: I read + reply to every single one of them)

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