Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Super Love Summer Mashup! // wk #1

Welcome to The Super Love Summer Mashup, 11 weeks of Fresh –n- Free! Inspiring interviews. Jam sessions. Tips + tricks. Giggles and giveaways! Super Love style! 

Why? Because I know some super talented, smart, kickass people that have amazing things to share and I’m tired of keeping all of their inspiring stories, tips, wisdom, and talent all to myself! I want you to meet them too! And don’t-cha think it’s super fun to give away things away?! Hip Hip Hooray!

Super Love Style: In return for 11 weeks of free, free, free! I'd like to invite you to pick at least one way that you can pay it forward this summer. Just choose one thing. Big or small that excites you. And do it! Say hello to a stranger. Leave flowers on your neighbors doorstep. Host a read-a-thon for the neighbor kids...the ideas are endless! I'll keep 'em coming! 

Now....Let's kick it off!!

Week 1: FREE CALL: Summer Fun! Doin' it all without loosin' it all with Kanesha Baynard!

Want a summer with a high fun factor? – Yes please!
Want some examples of how to “do it all” w/o loosing it all? – Sign me up!
Crave a little life, work, passion, self care balance? – You know it!

Then you're gonna love this interview with the, "Queen of fun, while getting it all done!" (at least, that's what I call her) Introducing Kanesha Baynard!

Join us for this casual chat where Kanesha shares a few of her how-to's + hot tips on how does it all and keeps it together...all while having fun! She's here to help us create a summer that's super fun and feels yummy! And I do personally know her. This girl practices what she preaches! Also find out the top 5 things on her Summer Fun List! I'm so stealing a few of these ideas for myself!

Download the interview + join me and Kanesha to learn how you can create a summer of FUN!

Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts, tips + ideas as well!
Smiles, gia
Week #1 Giveaways!  
1. Kanesha's giving away a cool tool to help you make a summer mood board! How fun! For free for everyone! Yay, grab your copy here!
2. And don’t forget to sign up to make sure you’re entered into the drawing to win one of Kanesha’s Summer Fun workbooks! Full of great ideas you can do today! There will be 3 lucky winners! WEEK #1 GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED 
Want more from Kanesha? Say hello + check her out here! 
Kanesha is a professional coach, veteran educator and fun creator who looses time when she's crafting or writing. With her husband and two kids in her entourage, Kanesha has figured out how to live a bold life that is focused on self-care, leadership, and taking major leaps. 
Visit her website or check out her multigenerational blog hereA Huge Super Love thank you Shout Out to you Kanesha!

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