Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Super Mashup! // Week #2 GIVEAWAY!

It's time for Week#2 of the Super Love Summer Mashup Weekly Giveaway! 

Last week Sarah and I had a blast talking all about beasties and 3 simple steps you can do to use their messages to Super Love your life! She was AWESOME! Sarah also rocked the house by donating her super fun app that I use almost daily to 10 lucky winners! 

And this weeks winners are...
Laurie Kliss, Dean, Rose Regier, Kim Sampson, Richard Berg, Tina Christensen, Trina, Erin Douglas, Michael Sage, + Tasha! Yippee! 
Be on the look out for an email from me with the details + your "What the Walrus Knows" FREE APP download! OMG you'r gonna love it! (FYI: Names are written as they are listed when you signed up!)

Thx again Sarah for the awesome giveaway! Didn't win this week but you'd love to get the app? Grab yours here. Coming up tomorrow the totally rockin' multi published author, speaker and teen girl advocate my friend, Debbie Reber!
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