Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Super Love Summer Mashup! // wk #4

Welcome to Week #4 of The Super Love Summer Mashup, 11 weeks of Fresh –n- Free! Inspiring interviews. Jam sessions. Tips + tricks. Giggles and giveaways! Super Love style! 

Why? Because I know some super talented, smart, kickass people that have amazing things to share and I’m tired of keeping all of their inspiring stories, tips, wisdom, and talent all to myself! I want you to meet them too! And don’t-cha think it’s super fun to give away things away?! Hip Hip Hooray!

Week 4:  A FREE CALL + INTERVIEW: Authentic sales and Authentic living in 3 easy steps. Putting a twist on sales strategies and how we can use them to rock our lives! 

I can’t wait to introduce you to today’s guest, creator of the Authentic Selling™ process, sales coach and one my fav southern girls Kendrick Shope!

On todays free call we'll dive into a few topics such as...
1. What the heck is "Authentic Selling" and why does it matter to me?
2. Find out the difference between selling + helping and why we don't need to be afraid to "sell" in business or life. 
3. How do I charge what I'm worth? A few tips to get you started. 

PLUS Kendrick openly shares a piece of her personal journey on how she used her strengths to create a job that she loves and we'll find why she really does, what she does.

Push Play! To join us!

Join the after party! Leave a comment + or share your ideas, stories + insight below!

Week #4 Giveaways!  
Kendrick's kindly giving away two great tools for EVERYONE for FREE! Yippee!
1. The Truth Kit (values clarification) AND How to write an email that sells (with take + tweak examples... love that!) Grab your goodies here!


2. One lucky winner will win her favorite book on sales : "Sell or Be Sold" by Grant Cardone (or if sales doesn't apply to you at this time then she'll treat you to a book of your choice! :)) Make sure your signed up to be entered into the drawing to win!
Want more from Kendrick? Say hello + check her out here
Kendrick is the creator of the Authentic Selling™ process, sales coach, momma to a beautiful little girl and all-round Southern gal. She works with business owners, helping them create an Authentic Selling strategy that allows them to get paid to do what they love and make a difference in the lives of others.  She's a featured expert on NBC's Chicago business blog and offers free "how to" tips on KTV each week.  You can learn more about her and how she partners with her amazing clients at

A Huge Super Love Thank You Shout Out to you Kendrick!
And thanks for tuning in with us today!


P.S. Super Love Style: Reminder for 11 weeks of free, free, free! I'd like to invite you to pick at least one way that you can pay it forward this summer. Find out what Kendrick likes to do on today's call!

P. P.S. If you haven't had a chance to catch past episodes of the Super Love Summer Mashup series no worries! Click here to download and dive in!
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