Thursday, August 29, 2013

Super Love Summer Mashup! // RECAP

Welcome to Week #11 of The Super Love Summer Mashup, 11 weeks of Fresh-n-Free! Inspiring interviews. Jam sessions. Tips + Tricks. Giggles + Giveaways! Super Love style! Why? Because I know some super talented, smart, kickass people that have amazing things to share and I’m tired of keeping all of their inspiring stories, tips, wisdom, and talent all to myself! I want you to meet them too! 

Week #11:  A Huge Thank You + Recap 

Super Love Summer Mashup RECAP!

Wk#1 Doin' it all without loosin' it all w/ Kanesha Baynard! Want a summer with a high fun factor? Want some examples of how to “do it all” w/o loosing it all? Crave a little life, work, passion, self care balance? Click here.

Wk #2 Three Simple Steps to Receiving the Messages of Wild Beasties so you can Super Love Your Life with Sarah Bamford Seidelmann! Ever wondered why you have always been obsessed with certain wild animals? Ever had a crazy encounter in a dream (or in your life) that you *know* has significance? Ever wondered how to follow your feel good? Or what that really means? Click here.

Wk #3 Fuel your own creative spark through this inside peek into prolific author Debbie Reber's creative process, including her top tips + how-tos + deep dive into her personal story! Do you ever ask yourself if you've got what it takes to write a book?Are you curious to know what the creative life of a seasoned author looks like from the inside? Click here.

Wk #4 Authentic sales & Authentic living in 3 easy steps. Putting a twist on sales strategies and how we can use them to rock our lives with Kendrick Shope!
What the heck is "Authentic Selling" and why does it matter to me?Find out the difference between selling + helping and why we don't need to be afraid to "sell" in business or life. How do I charge what I'm worth? A few tips to get you started.  Click here.

Wk #5 The Business of LOVE with The Romance CEO Michael Bloomberg! What does it mean to be Romantic? Have times changed? The backstory on how Michael created a super unique career and niche that puts his strengths, talents + passion to work! And why he loves it so much! Plus some HOT dating Tips! Click here.

Wk #6 Finding your unique Strengths + How to use 'em to Rock your gig + life! A free call & interview with examples + how to's with Susan Dahl-Robertson! Ever wanted help moving away from your comfort zone to your strengths zone?Do you spend most of your time working on your weaknesses and how to improve them? What if you did the opposite? Find out how. Wonder what your top 5 strengths are? Tune in to get started! P.S. They might not be what you think :) Click here.

Wk #7 Meant for More - Initiating your LIfe's purpose with Michael Trotta! An exciting call with story and exploration around what it takes to discover your Original Medicine and initiate the leader within. Click here.

Wk #8 Smart + Heart: The Good Evidence about doing Good with Natalie Currie! On this call we’re going to talk about the research and juicy benefits behind doing good and what it really means. To me It’s about making a difference in the world, being kind to one another, reaching out, connecting and all the benefits it can bring to our lives and the lives we touch. Click here.

Wk #9 Connecting with your TRU Self: A Right Brain Business Approach with Lori Koop! Learn some insight + how to tips on connecting with your TRU Self using a right brain business approach.  We’ll also get to find out her personal journey on creating her own business as a coach + artist and she’ll be sharing her tips on how you could turn a passion into a business. Click here.

Wk #10 An Interview + Jam session + Behind the scenes look at what’s it’s like to chase the dream of becoming a musician, creating a band + doing what you love with Brady Parks of The National Parks! Click here.

A Huge Super Love Thank You Shout Out to all of you that joined us this summer!
All of the giveaways are closed but the interviews are still here for you to download and enjoy!

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