Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Super Love Summer Mashup! // wk #9

Welcome to Week #9 of The Super Love Summer Mashup, 11 weeks of Fresh-n-Free! Inspiring interviews. Jam sessions. Tips + Tricks. Giggles + Giveaways! Super Love style! Why? Because I know some super talented, smart, kickass people that have amazing things to share and I’m tired of keeping all of their inspiring stories, tips, wisdom, and talent all to myself! I want you to meet them too! And don’t-cha think it’s super fun to give away things away?! Hip Hip Hooray!

Week 9:  A FREE CALL + INTERVIEW: Connecting with your TRU Self: A Right Brain Business Approach with Lori Koop

On todays free call Lori is going to share with us her insight + how to tips on connecting with your TRU Self using a right brain business approach.  We’ll also get to find out her personal journey on creating her own business as a coach + artist and she’ll be sharing her tips on how you could turn a passion into a business. 

PLUS we'll talk a little bit about what it means to be successful in her opinion and what other may be not so talked about payoffs come from following your TRU purpose or creating a TRU business. This interview has so much insight you won't want to miss it!

Push Play! To join us!

Join the after party! Leave a comment + or share your ideas, stories + insight below!

Week #9 Giveaways!  
1. Lori is kindly giving away her checklist for starting a business to EVERYONE! Click here to download.

2. Three lucky winners will get one of her beautiful handmade pottery magnets for FREE! So don't forget to make sure you're signed up to enter to win! (see some of her beautiful work below.

3. She also has an awesome ebook called, "50 ways to access the real you" that’s free to anyone that pops on over to her beautiful website and signs up! Enjoy!
Want more from Lori? Say hello + check her out here
Lori is a right brain business coach, artist and entrepreneur. She’s assists individuals and businesses to create clarity, confidence and peace. And says then your true potential will unfold naturally.She graduated from Business School and then got a 2nd degree in Fine Art from
 Art Center College of Design at 35 where she teaches now. She writes a weekly column for The Mountain View News called Living TRU. She has shipped ceramics around the world through her Etsy Shop.  And her art has been featured in the LA TIMES. Lori says that one of her biggest accomplishments of her ceramic career was to create 200 handmade mugs for Seth Godin We’re going to have to ask her about that in a minute!

She lives in Los Angels, CA with her husband and their teenage daughter.
A Huge Super Love Thank You Shout Out to you Lori!
And thanks for tuning in with us today!


P.S. Super Love Style: Reminder for 11 weeks of free, free, free! I'd like to invite you to pick at least one way that you can pay it forward this summer. Find out what Lori likes to do on today's call!

P. P.S. If you haven't had a chance to catch past episodes of the Super Love Summer Mashup series no worries! Click here to download and dive in!
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