Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happiest Birthday to you MOM! 

Although I know you’ll forget that today’s your special day I still wanted to let you know how much you matter to me and to send you a few wishes. And the crazy little gift about forgetting is that you get to celebrate it over and over as if it’s the first time with the same enthusiasm and surprise! 
So today for you mom…
I’m sending you smiles + giggles and a crazy little dance to make you laugh. I wish for you to have moments of joy and happiness + fun with your brother and your sister as they get to celebrate with you this year. And I wish for you to feel dads love + comfort as you hold hands + share hugs.

And my biggest wish for you today mom is for you to always know in your heart + your soul how much I love you even when your mind forgets.

Thank you for loving me as you’ve always done so well.
And for reminding me each day to do and say what matters most.

I love you + can’t wait to celebrate with you once we’re together again.

Make a Wish. Blow out your candles. Giggle away. I love you.

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