Thursday, September 5, 2013

NEW! Work with me!

The word on the street, is that you know you're here 
to make a difference in the world. 

You've got drive. You've got passion. 
In fact, you're ready to go...but you're not even sure where you're headed. No worries, cuz that's where I come in. 

Me + You = No More Sleepless Nights

CHECK IT. Introducing Heart Pop!

Heart Pop is a private + personalized coaching package designed specifically to help you find + name your "thing," or pinpoint your cause so you can start to make a difference in the world. You know, that thing that fires you up and excites you and makes you jump out of the bed in the mornin' and say, OH YEAH!

We're talkin' one pre-jam session assessment a kickass workbook PLUS two 60-min one-on-one coaching calls with me, personalized just for you. 

My Goal = One Thing. To get you exactly what you came for. 

Together we'll figure out what kind of difference you want to make in the world. And then we'll pinpoint the cause, organization, people or give back projects that connect with who you are, what you love and matters to you the most.

The end result is that you'll walk away knowing exactly what makes your heart pop and / or the steps you need to take to get you there.

To find out more click here


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