Thursday, October 3, 2013

Two years ago today.

True Story.

Two years ago today.

I’m a gut girl.
I don’t just think about things I FEEL them.
I listen. Then act.

We’d known Timber was dying, he had cancer.
In fact he lived way longer than expected.

A few months after he died I felt a BIG urge to start looking.
Like now. Tonight.
What other rescue pups were out that need a home?

It was well after midnight. But the time was right.
Computer open.  Petfinder dot com here I come. I dove in.
Only one Filter…Small-ish (cuz, we live in the city now)

So many adorable little mugs popped up on my screen.
I smiled. I cried. I read their stories.

I saw one cuddly little bugger kinda near by but he was a pup and I knew he’d find a home no problem in our community. So I kept looking.

Whoa. Wait a minute. Who’s this?
A bugg? What's that?
Ah, I see...a boston + pug mix. Too funny.

Check out those cute little white markings on his forehead.
And he has stripes just like Timber and a tail shaped like a lightning bolt.
What a cutie pie.

That’s his name.
I fell in love.
I knew this was him.

The boys were sleeping so I’d have to wait till morning to see what they thought.
And I know how the rescue animal world works so I tried not to get too excited just yet.
Although, he already had my heart.

I decide to write an email to inquire, just in case. It can’t hurt.
Cuz, you see there was one catch…
Blaze lived in Kansas.

I thought for sure there’d be a line of people waiting to adopt him and his siblings.
There were 3 of them. His mom and dad were dropped off at the shelter and that’s where they were born. And since all shelters work differently I wasn’t sure if they’d adopt out of state and so far away….fingers crossed.

I wrote. I hit send. I closed my eyes. And I tried to sleep.

As you might have guessed, the boys fell in love.

I awoke to a NEW message in my inbox. The Reply.
Big deep breath.
Click Open.

No, he doesn’t have a home.
Yes, she would adopt to us if our home was a good fit. YES!
She had no idea who she was talking to.

Turns out the shelter was being run out of her living room.
And where Blaze comes from farmers shoot dogs that step on their land.
And our adoption fee would help cover the cost to care for his mom and dad.

A few phone calls, some paperwork and two plane tickets later (Of course,Tobin wanted to come too) we were off to meet our little guy.
To bring him home.

It was happening.

A few days before we hoped on the plane the rescue organization asked me for Timbers vet records. I pulled out his file and noticed for the first time the date he died.
Oct. 3rd.

And then I wondered… How old EXACTLY is Blaze?
Could it be?

I emailed.
I asked.
When was Blaze born? Just curious.
Her reply, October 3rd.

Coincidence? Fate? Luck?
I call it Gut N Love.

Two years ago I lost the love of my life.
Timber Boy.
On that same day my new little love was born.

Happy 2nd Birthday little guy…
And you're forever with me Timber boy...


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