Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just got caught TWERKING.

photo via
...by the UPS guy.

I'm not an experienced twerker. In fact before today I never even tried it. Promise.

It all started when I called my friend April, this morning and one little twerking joke led to a day full of twerks and nonstop uncontrollable outbursts of giggles.

I tried to explain to my guy, Justin, why I was acting so strange + laughing out of nowhere. "It's just a little twerk joke I had with April this morning." I say.

"So what's twerking anyways?" He says.
(As we head out the door to grab a bite for lunch.)
"Oh, I'll show you!"
(Now that I'm an experienced twerker after all since reading this.)

I proceed to walk down the stairs.
Make my move in front of him.
Grab onto the handrail and start to shake my booty.

"It's like this!"

Right then...you guessed it.
The UPS guy rounds the corner. CAUGHT!
Yeah, I almost died laughing.

Now I guess I'm what one might call a public Twerker. Is there such a thing?
Hmmm. Not so bad. Really. Actually, it was quite hilarious.

It's amazing how fast my twerking status can change in just a day. Maybe, one day I'll be sportin' one of these. 

photo via

Na, I think I'll leave the title to Miley Cyrus.

Honestly, I'm not sure if the UPS guy even really saw what I was doing or maybe he just chose to ignore it. HA! And Justin is so used to me being goofy that he didn't react much either but for me, my day just kept getting better because I was having so much fun being silly. 

So where am I going with all of this twerking nonsense?
Let me tell ya...

My day changed in a moment. With one phone call. 
From ordinary to fun. And there's nothin' better than that.

So what can you do today or tomorrow to mix things up?
To take your ordinary day to a the next level?
Who can you call?
What can you watch?
What can you try or do?
That will make you smile + laugh until your stomach hurts?

photo via How cute are these two? Doesn't this look AWESOME!

To Twerk or not to Twerk? It doesn't really matter.

Just do something fun that mixes your day up a little bit and brings a smile to your face OR to the UPS guy.

Until next time...
Twerk it baby.

Smiles + Giggles,

P.S. Although if you think twerkin' might be your thing I hear it's all the rage this holiday season. Make sure you grab your tee here.
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