Thursday, December 12, 2013

RBH: Episode // 01

Welcome to Episode 01 of The Rad. The Bad. And the Heart Show. Inspiring interviews. Jam session. TIps + Tricks + Take Aways!

Why a show? Because I have met + love to reach out to awe-inspiring, big hearted, kickass people that are chargin' their dreams and spreading more love in the world and I want to introduce them to YOU! 

The Style: RBH will be a Mix + Mashup of Radio + TV + Web AND sometimes Live! 

I am so excited to kickoff the show, with this beautiful guest, Michael Bride! I think you're gonna totally dig him + what he's up to!

Join me as I find out more about how Michael’s spreading the Holiday Spirit this year by working on his grassroots project called, Operation: Brown Bag Christmas.

On today's show we'll talk a little bit about:
1. How we met (Hint: It starts with O and ends with PRAH.:)) 
2. Where this idea came from. (A story many can relate to)
3. Why it's important for him to help the homeless and to make sure people have their basic needs met + and then some. (The Homemade touch) 

PLUS Michael will tell us a few easy ways that we can help them reach their goal of putting together 1,000 bags before the 25th! I KNOW THEY WILL DO IT! And a few tips on how to start something like this in your neighborhood.

Push Play! To join us! 
Ep.01 Operation Brown Bag Christmas w/Michael Bride

Here's a little snapshot of Michael and the original crew from last year that made this a possibility just 7 days before Christmas...LOVE THAT! A reminder that it's never too late to do something.

To find out more or to get in touch with Michael click here and you'll be directed to his gorgeous website (created pro bono via his friend Travis). I love how many amazing people have come together to make this happen!

Thank you so much MICHAEL! We can't wait to check back in with you to hear the results at the end of the year! Big HUGS!

Thanks for tuning in with us today! Inspired? Excited? Have something to say? Please leave your comments below...We'd love to hear from you!

Smiles + Love, 
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