Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Elf.

The Reindeer.

He was rescued by a man who was hiking and found him all alone as a baby...(they think his mom was either shot by hunters or fell off the cliff) he called the people who ran the house/farm where we stayed to see if they could save him. They just got a permit for two reindeer but didn't plan on taking care of an orphan. They of course said yes, they'd try. So they bottle fed him cows milk, duck eggs & fish oil - 7 times a day around the clock. His chance of survival was extremely low...but he did it!

What a lucky guy...he's almost 1 years old  He kept peeking at us through the window so we went outside to give him some pets and he decided to surprise me with a kiss. How cute is he?!

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