Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pay What You Can Afford.

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It’s my Birthday today! Woo Hoo! And this one’s for YOU!

Yes, that's right – today I’m the Birthday girl and since I LOVE to celebrate I wanted to share something with you!

For the month of May I'm super excited to give it back by offering 3 lucky people a month of one-on-one coaching at a Pay What You Can Afford rate! Are you going to be one of them? 

Straight up. Here’s the deal.
Sessions will start the week of May 12th (60 min each) and will run every week for four weeks. My rates in the near future will be $1,000 / month, but for this offer I’ll accept whatever you can afford. (Only you know what that number is)

My client's don't need a coach. They want one. And they understand that they're not paying me. They're paying for their life to change. 

This is not a program or a step-by-step process. My coaching is personalized, tailor made with no one-size fits-all solutions. You talk openly. I listen deeply. We Jam. You make the impact you want to make. 

So if you're ready to get clear on what matters most and to lay out a kick-ass plan for your life, your gig, and your impact, this is your chance to go for it! No more waiting for"someday." 

4 Weeks of Powerful Coaching
My one time Birthday offer
$ Pay what you can afford

This deal wouldn't be sweet unless I put a time cap on it, so you have until Friday, May 2nd (that’s 5 days) at Midnight PST to apply and book at the Birthday rate

To be considered for this offer, fill out this brief application. I'll reach out to those who were selected by May 5th. 

Where will you be one year from now if you changed nothing? If you're happy with that, cool. If you're not then maybe now is the time to do something about it. 


PS – Please don’t just listen to me..see what “they” have to say. 

“I often wonder where I would be if I had not met Gia and I can just about guarantee the answer is still paralyzed by fear. She's amazing and all heart.” - KendrickAuthentic Sales Coach, Speaker, Believer /  Bentonville

"Gia has an amazing way of gently calling me on my crap and helping me see beyond what is holding me back from living the life I imagined. I started off with giant dreams, and then she helped me break them up into bite-sized pieces that were easier to digest and to put into motion." - Erin,  Banyan Botanicals Community Director, Disadvantaged youth advocate / Ashland

"Gia will show up for you. She will help you show up for yourself. Her style will rock your world. The coaching sessions with her were worth more than then past 15 years of therapy. It’s like a light has gone on after all these years.” - Mary, Nurse, kickass mama / Los Angeles

 "Gia is one of the most passionate, inspirational and forward-thinking women I know. As I embarked on an exciting new career endeavor—starting a women's lifestyle magazine—Gia was there for me every step of the way, encouraging me to open my mind and heart, be courageous and think bigger than I had ever imagined. She has been a powerful force in my journey and one I am so thankful for. " - MaryannEditor-and-chief + creative director, / San Francisco

Gia is a powerhouse of transformation, in a box of love, with an infectious smile as a bow on top.  Lisa HayesThe Love Whisperer, LOA Relationship Coach / Olympia

"After working with gia I’m walking away with an internal feeling of being able to move forward and self confidence. I'm reclaiming my life again and I'm taking babysteps to my ultimate goal. I have a new motivation. I am proud of getting my life back together. I like myself and who I am. Gia is an amazing coach and natural cheerleader. It’s almost impossible to not be infected by her enthusiasm and motivational messages. Gia is a natural at what she does and she does it well. She is part friend, part coach, and motivational speaker.  She’s got it all."  - Bob, Student, Army Veteran, Seeking the pursuit of happiness in life / Silverdale 

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