Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Let me be honest.

So I was watching one of my teeny bopper shows (Surprise - Surprise:)) called, One Tree Hill and there's this guy Lucas, who knew that his friend Peyton secretly wanted a job creating a comic strip for the local newspaper. She is a really talented artist but he knew she wouldn't apply. So he decided to drop off her sketchbook with all of her drawings and did it for her…GASP! No he didn't! 

She found out quickly when her phone rang and she was offered the job she never knew she even applied for.

Her first reaction: "Yes, of course I'd love the job! Thank you!"
Second reaction: Where's Lucas? I'm gonna kill him.

"Maybe some of us aren't ready to expose ourselves to the world." Peyton demands to Lucas. To which he replies with his squinty sexy eyes, "Or maybe they are and they're just scared." He nailed it.

Sometimes I swear I wish I had a Lucus.
Do you?
Cuz I've realized lately that there's a lot of things I really want to do.
But I'm scared.

I'm scared to pitch my retreat.
I'm scared to write a speech.
I'm scared to request a speaking gig.
I'm scared to share certain stories from my life.

So if I had a Lucus then he could just do it all for me! Right?
But honestly I don't want to "need" a Lucus.
I want to do it by myself.

And here's how I know...
Because the idea of not going after what I want feels worse then being scared.

So I guess I have to practice being scared.

Not always easy. 
In fact just thinking about it makes me wanna puke.
But I've decided I want to give it a shot.

What about you?
Anything you've been wanting to do or try but for some reason you're not? 

Maybe you're scared too.
It's okay.
We can be scared together. 

Smiles + Guts,
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