Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What + Why I do what I do

Today I thought I'd start out by answering the one question I get asked the most…Can you guess what it is? Let me tell ya.

Here's how the story goes…

I see your cute Facebook posts and love your inspiring messages and the fun people you interview BUT (Here it comes…)  I don't really know what you do? (HA!)

I have to giggle at myself because it's true. I've been really good at just doing what I love behind the scenes with out really telling people that I'm open for business or how I can help them beyond the inspirational feel good stuff. Crazy right?

Since people keep asking and I want to share more of what I do with you I thought I'd open up a bit via interview style and tell you more about me, my work, my own personal struggles and most important why I do what I do. Check it out. And as always thank you for being here…let me know how I can continue to help you!


What + Why I do what I do / An Interview

What do you do in a nutshell?
I help people get clear on what matters most and show them how to generate the guts to go straight after it. Think: No Regrets meets Daring Action.

If you were to give your work a job title what would it be? 
Life Coach

When people first come to you what kinds of problems do they want help with?
{I'll name a few.} They want help getting unstuck or past something. They might need help moving forward or figuring out how to go in a different direction with their life and they don't know where to start.  They want more fun in their lives or to find out what their passions are.

They want support, accountability, tools, tips or a plan. Someone to help them figure things out and sort through their thoughts. They want someone to listen, ask questions and offer feedback + support + guidance. They want to be able to speak openly with out judgment.

Why do you do what you do? 
I coach because I know first hand how important it is to have someone in your corner and to know that they believe in you especially at times when it might be difficult to believe in yourself. In fact I have and continue to work with many coaches that support me in a variety of ways.

I coach because I have the opportunity to help people see and truly understand that they have control over their life and how they get to feel…and that's so powerful and rewarding.

I coach because I love it + I'm good at it.

What has been one of your most memorable experiences so far with your work? 
Receiving a note from a woman about how she almost took her own life, but didn’t.  She wanted to thank me for being one of the people who gave her hope. I had no idea. I truly believe we never know the impact we ultimately make on others. I'd bet you're doing it right now too.

How has your relationship to your work deepened over time? 
I used to be more of a "surface" coach. I really wanted to help people feel better right away. I wanted my clients to hang up the phone from our coaching sessions smiling or laughing. I didn't like it if they were sad or hurting. I wanted them to feel better immediately.

I’ve since realized that while that temporarily feels good and it's much easier to coach that way it’s actually not really helpful in the long run. It's like putting a snoopy band-aid on a broken arm hoping it will heal with kisses and cute puppies.

What I was really doing was trying to treat my clients symptoms not helping them discover what was causing their pain in the first place. Now we find the cause so the change lasts.

One word: Breakthrough. What comes to mind? 
Happy Dance! I believe it's important to acknowledge and celebrate all the little wins along the way! Turn up the tunes, shout out a big, "YAY ME!" and get your boo-tay grooving!

What were indicators in your childhood or growing up that you were made to do this kind of work?
{The short version} Compassion + Empathy + Love have always been my driver.  I've always loved being around different kinds of people and hangin' with different crowds. I was the girl who was a friend but also a huge cheerleader of your dreams. I loved seeing my friends + peers doing what the loved or going after what they want. It really hurt me to see people sad, left out or struggling. That wasn't okay with me.

I genuinely want everyone to feel happiness + loved. I believe that we're all in this together and we all need someone to help us out time to time. If I could do something to help I would + will.

What have your hard knocks been?
{Here's a peek} Learning how to figure my way out of an abusive relationship with a man I cared about but learned I couldn’t save. Watching my grandma loose her memory, my grandfather letting go of his life and then my mom battle memory loss not too long after at the age of 65. Feeling like I’ve been given the ability and confidence to use my voice to help others but not knowing for years how to help or what exactly to do. It almost felt like a curse. Learning how to take care of myself first before I can take care of others.

What lights you up about your work?
Knowing that I’m doing what I can and giving my all to make a difference with the people who cross my path…that feels amazing.

Knowing that I'm right where I'm supposed to be today and as I continue to grow and change my work will evolve with me.

Knowing that I'm showing my son what it looks like to follow your heart.

It’s a good day when...
My heart is smiling and I find out yours is too.

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