Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 words that helped me.

I was lying in bed the other night next to my guy.
And I let out a sigh.

"What’s wrong?" he said.

I began to list off about 5 reasons why I suck.

I’m not getting in shape fast enough. I hate that my back still hurts.
This feels like an endless battle. Why do I even try.
I haven’t made time to write my book. What is wrong with me?
I have so many projects that can’t come to life fast enough.
Sometimes I feel like giving up. Maybe I should quit this entrepreneurial thing.

He rolled over and looked at me and said,
"You gotta quit being so hard on yourself."

He was so right.

I wasn't just being hard. I was being harsh.
And I didn't even realize it until I voiced my thoughts out loud.
I just knew I felt like crap and I was frustrated.

In fact I was being really mean and saying things I would never say to someone else.

What did I have such crazyass standards for me and not others?
Why was I being so mean?
And what was all this junk in my head doing to me?

I'll tell you.
It was turning me into a total mess.

But because it was all my own doing.
I knew I could un-do it.

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Honestly until it was pointed out to me I didn't even realize what I was doing. And that awareness alone totally shifted things for me in a matter of seconds.

So I told myself to knock it off.
And I did.

You see sometimes it takes time to find better feeling thoughts. Or to even figure out what's happening in our minds. Other times its just about being aware of what we're saying to ourselves. And that's all you need to make a shift to feeling better. 

I'm sharing this with you in case you need the reminder like I stop it.
And to take a deep breath…and...

Quit being so hard on yourself. 

Babysteps buttercup.
One moment at a time.
Cuz that's how it goes.


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