Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What do you really want?

I've got a question for you...

What do you really want or wish for? 

To win the lottery! - Bring on the money!
A brand new car! -  Electric please!
A hot chef in my kitchen! - Ooo steamy!
A full time nanny! - One that bakes treats too!

Now let me ask you again…

No really, what do you want?

No more money worries. - Whew!
Something special just for me. - Yes, please!
Someone to help take care of me. - Hell yeah!
More time. - Sign me up!
To find out what my passions are. - Ooo that's it!

Or you might say...
To slow down more. That would be nice. 

To go out more. Yeah, I could use a girls night out.
A cozy night in. Fuzzy warm blanket, hot drink and a movie please.

And if I ask you just one more time…

What do you really, really want? 

You'll often come back with answers like this.

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I want to feel free.
I want to feel loved.
I want feel a part of something.
I want to feel peaceful.
I want to feel alive.

Because ultimately under everything we think we want is a desire to feel a certain way. Believe it or not It's not really about the fancy car or being rich or having a hot dude in our kitchen. It's about how we think we'll feel once those things have happened.

So what if... instead of wanting things.
You ask yourself how do I want to feel? 

And then what might I have to think in order to start feeling that way?
And after that what's one thing I can do right now or today that helps create more of the feeling I desire.

What's super cool about this approach is that you don't' have to wait for your circumstances or your life to change to get to feel better.You can do it right now. And there's so much freedom in that.

Not sure what you really want?
Want help figuring this out? 

This is what I help kickass + kind-hearted people like you, do.

If you've ever thought about working with me or you wonder if coaching can help then you're gonna love what I just put together.

I decided to create a BRAND NEW coaching offer called, The Kickstart for New Clients Only. One session personalized just for you. So you can "try it out." And see what it's all about.

Are you ready to say YES to what you really, really, really want?

To find out more or to sign up come on over here.
I believe in you.

P.S. Please don't just listen to me…see what a some past clients have to say. 

“I often wonder where I would be if I had not met Gia and I can just about guarantee the answer is still paralyzed by fear. She's amazing and all heart.” -Kendrick / Authentic Sales Coach, Speaker / Bentonville, AK

"Within the first few minutes of speaking with Gia, I felt like I was talking to an old dear friend. The rare friend who wants to hear about life’s trials without judging or throwing out trite quick fix ideas. The amazing communication stage that Gia builds is the perfect setting for truly productive discussions about moving forward. Gia helped me realize that I had the answers I was seeking, and offered tools to help sort through all the static that clouds the mind. More than anything, a conversation with Gia is comfortable, fun and amazingly productive!" - Will Light Circus Ringmaster /  Reno, NV

"Gia has an amazing way of gently calling me on my crap and helping me see beyond what is holding me back from living the life I imagined. I started off with giant dreams, and then she helped me break them up into bite-sized pieces that were easier to digest and to put into motion.- Erin / Banyan Botanicals Community DirectorDisadvantaged youth advocate / Ashland, OR
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