Thursday, November 13, 2014

Doing it all wrong. The way I like it.

I confess.
I have a habit.
In fact it's a habit that I've decided I want to keep.

Wanna know what it is?

I have to do things in my own way.
I have to be "me" no matter what. 

Which if you're like me you know it can sometimes look like doing everything "they" say not to. Like this.

* Dress like that for the performance. - You'll stand out.
* Wear your hair down. - All the women will be wearing their hair up for this event.
* Leave your eyebrow ring in while you pitch for that grant. - They might judge you.
* Tell your personal stories with clients. - That's not professional.
* Use too many exclamation points. - People won't take you seriously.
* Swear. - Definitely don't do that. People don't like it. 
* Add smiley faces to fundraising emails going out to parents at the school. - It might be taken the wrong way.
* Offer hugs to people you just met. - It might make them uncomfortable.

In other words you should…
Say this.
Do that.
Be like them.

Oh yeah and make sure you…
Blend in.
Represent us properly.
Dress the part.
Play the game.

Yeah. Not gonna happen. 
Not for this girl. 

Cuz, I've decided. I have to be me no matter what. 
It's really the only way we genuinely know how to roll. 

In fact I've had some pretty amazing things happen by just being me and doing things my own way. (stories to come :)) And I've learned that I don't feel good if I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. YUCK!

While writing this it reminded me of a video I shot awhile back about a job I almost took until I saw the fine print. This was one of those times when I realized what my, "No Matter What" was.

Check it out (click PLAY) then email me back with your "No Matter What"I want to know!  

Signing off with a BIG HUG!


P.S. If you were here in person I'd literally wrap my arms around you and give you a huge squeeze. (if you'd let me). Even if we just met. Cuz that's me. The only way to be... don't ya think? 

P P.S. Are we connected on FB? If not come on over and like the page to join! Yippee!
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