Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nothing feels as good as.

After my workout today I was heading out of the gym into the hallway when I noticed this quote written up on the board.

I stopped.
Re-read it.
And snapped a photo.

Hot damn.
Ain't that the truth.

Nothing feels as good as keeping a promise to yourself. 

Although sometimes we like to tell ourselves otherwise don't we...

* I will be so relieved after I make that fancy Thanksgiving dinner my mom expects, because it will make her happy.
* If I place in the top 10 of my division my wife will be proud of me because she knows how much time I put into my training.
* My friends will be so impressed with me once I score that promotion at work and that will feel amazing to be able to tell them.

Which might sound fine at first however when everything is said and done what feels even better is keeping a promise to yourself. 

Like this...

* Check out my time in that race! My own personal best! I knew I could do it!
* Look how I rocked that presentation at work today and with my own style! I'm so happy I went for it!
* That was so much fun finding a new yummy Thanksgiving dinner recipe and sharing it with my family! Such a fun way to express my creativity and share my passion for cooking with people I love.

See the subtle difference? 
Feels good huh. 

So tell me...
How are you keeping a promise to yourself right now?
Got anything in the works? Something you've been thinking about?

Do Share…I'm listening...

Smiles + Love, 

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