Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Before Midnight

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I hope you've had a beautiful holiday with family + friends!

Before the clock strikes 12 I wanted to invite you to take a moment to look back on 2014 a little differently. Instead of counting the pounds you lost or gained, the promises you kept or broke or the things you did or didn't do…

How about if we check out the stuff that really matters. 
* The hugs + smiles shared.
* The number of times you laughed and cried and celebrated.
* The memorable conversations with people you love or strangers you just met for a moment.
* The times you pushed past your comfort zone or did something you thought you could never do.

This year give yourself permission to just let it be what it was. The good. The bad. The awesome. Because it's not really about what you did or didn’t do.

It’s about the moments.
The memories. The conversations.
And people we spend our time with along the way. 

Cheers to you as you ring in the New Year!


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