Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Bad do you Want it?

I was sitting in the little local coffee shop near my place a few months back with a bunch of seasoned Italian men mostly. They were reading the paper, sippin' on coffee or BS'ing about the characters + happenings in the hood. While I just wrapped up a long over due brainstorm session with a new friend who's super smart, business savvy and all things entrepreneurial.

You see I've had this super cool business idea for quite a few years that I keep trying to push aside or table it for later but it just won't go away. It keeps popping up and nudging me to pursue it a little bit more to see if and how it should come to life. Can you relate?

I finally decided.
It's time.
No more waiting.
I have to act.

So I did.

I reached out. Set up a coffee chat.
And put it on the calendar.

As the day got closer the more I felt like I wanted to cancel and back out. I realized I was scared. I didn't expect that so I took a closer look. 

Here's what was happening in my head...
* What if I waste his time? I'm not even sure what the whole idea even looks like yet.
* What if I never follow through with it or decide to ditch it? Will he think I'm a flake?
* Who am I to think I can add one more project, business, gig to my plate? I mean come on gia, be real.
* Where would I even get the money to fund it? So many unanswered questions...

Yeah, makes sense why I was kinda freakin' out right?
With all that negative head smack going on.

But then I realized + decided I really want this conversation to happen. For myself. So I said, fuck it.

I can handle freak out.
I can handle scared.
I can handle nervous.

And I showed up.

And it felt so good to finally take a step forward towards something I've talked about looking into for years.  And I know from experience that this small action is what will lead into, what comes next. 

I also know that...

Nothing is going to happen if, I just think about it.
Nothing will ever happen if, I wait for everything to be perfect before I talk about it.
Nothing will ever happen if, I just keep saving it for later.

And then check this out…I came across this quote...

photo via

You have to want it more than you're afraid of it. 

So right on don't ya think?

After my biz sharing session I realized I've possibly got a new gig in the mix, I definitely have one that's building momentum and more live events in the making.and surprisingly, it doesn't feel like too much. At least not today. 

It just feels like scary-fun. 

WIll you please remind me of that next month when my crazy thoughts want to creep back in, cuz I know that they will. Cuz, that's how it happens. :) And I'll keep doing the same for you. 

In hearing my story what comes up for you?
What have you been thinking about doing?
Or trying?
Or sharing?

And what's holding you back?

Leave a comment, I wanna know.


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