Monday, September 28, 2015

Call to Action!

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SELF DEFENSE CALL TO ACTION for all my friends especially women! Find a self defense class near you and SIGN UP! (Even if you've done one before just to refresh your skills and mindset) Just do it! So Empowering and could one day save your life or help someone you Love heart emoticon Until then here's a few more takeaways from day #2 from my Krav Maga seminar this weekend.
1. Use your VOICE! (And practice using your voice at home.) GET AWAY FROM ME. STEP BACK. FIRE. SCREAM. YELL. Get primal. RAHR. - Let the attacker know you're going to fight back.
2. Hit, poke, scratch, bite the soft/vulnerable places (eyes, throat, groin) use elbows and knees - they hurt and your power comes from your hips.
3. Fight like a MO'FO if needed. You're stronger then you think.
4. NEVER walk and text.
5. If you're ever in a bad situation where other people are around a few things to yell to get their help/support are : I DON'T KNOW THIS MAN / WOMAN + Call 911! People tend to respond more if they don't think it's a domestic violence situation and/or if they thought a kid was getting hit or attacked by a parent. It tends to be more effective then saying Help. (Repeat from day #1)
Please share with your friends and add your self defense tips in the comments below. We ALL learn from each other!

Smiles, gia
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