Friday, December 11, 2015

Write On.

I get asked quite a bit lately about my writing process since I'm working on a book. And to be honest...I always thought I hated writing. I'm not a writer, I'd say in fact, I SUCK at writing. And whenever I wrote something I thought I needed ten people to read it and edit it for me before I even shared. Can you relate? 
So the idea of writing a book seemed crazy until now because something finally shifted for me... it's what I was telling myself. 
I just found this little ditty I wrote a few years ago and thought I'd share it here (unedited) in case it inspires you to share your stories or to start writing your book that you've always dreamed about. Are you a writer? Ever been in my shoes? I'd love to hear what you think....

I used to say "I hate writing!"
I’m SO not a writer. Give me ANY task but not writing. 
Until one day I realized it was the editing, the spelling, the grammar or trying to please a teachers style or structure for an assignment. "Write it my way or it’s wrong" they’d say. Or mark it up with that dreaded red pen. 
And now, I write for me.
And I write from the heart.
I write what I want.
I write when I’m inspired or need to let something out or to peek in. 
I write in my own voice. In my own style.
And with lots of !!!!!! if I want to. 
I say Fuck Yeah or Fuck You if it fits.
Because it’s just me.
Expressing myself.
I write like I talk.
I don’t worry about sentence structure and I don’t care if my words make an English teacher cringe anymore. 
If I decide to share what I write it's because I want to.
And maybe my words will speak to you or someone you know.
And what “THEY” say is up to them.
And you know what? 
It feels good to write now.
In my own way. 
So many people stop writing or don't even start...because they’re told by someone that it sucks.
And they believe it. 
To me, writing is about voice.
It’s about story.
It’s about expression. Or an outlet.
It’s about courage.
It’s a place where you get to be you. 
And that alone is perfect. 
So WRITE ON my friend.
Let it out. 
Tell your stories.
Share your soul.
Whatever feels good to you.
Do that. 
And guess what? 
Now I say I love writing.
I am a writer. 
And so are you.
So what's my process right now some might ask? Just WRITE.
The rest will unfold....
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