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Sometimes you just need someone to brainstorm with. To listen. To bounce ideas off of. To share with. To ask questions.  To help you get unstuck. 

You've been asking…and I'm listening.
I'm calling it Rent my Brain. 

Think: Part Consulting. Part Coaching. Part Coffee Chat. Part Idea factory. 

Got an idea you're dying to share or that you need help figuring out? 
Want to pick my brain about my work as a life coach or what I learned about staring a non profit or from various fundraising efforts to dog rescue work? 
Want to brainstorm the perfect name for your next book, your next ten kickass blog posts or your unborn child? 
Need help crafting your Big Bucket List Hit List? 
Yeah. I do that to. 

So go ahead…Rent My Brain : What that means is that for one hour I'm all yours. 

{60 min phone session + follow up email from me 7 days after} 

1// Book it. 
Click on the button above to pay or you can do that right here

2// Check your inbox.
Once you book your session, watch your email for details from me (w/in 1 business day) and I'll send you the days + times that I'm available and you can choose the one that works best for you. 

3// Dive in. 
Once session is booked I'll email you a few questions for you to answer prior to your call sos I can do any prep work, creative brainstorming before hand and be ready to rock-n-roll.

4// Jam with Me. 
One hour and I'm all yours. This is where we get down to business + brainstorm + create + troubleshoot together. (via phone) 

5// Follow up. 
Check your inbox 1 week after your session for an email check in from me. Cuz, I want you to be stoked. 

PS – The Word on the Street.

My “Rent my brain session” with Gia turned into a highly productive brainstorm session. I went away feeling energized and full of ideas on every burner! In fact I have referred back to my notes from our session several times and have already started feeling the “forward  motion”effects of our time together." - Lisa Levin  / Life Coach /  Seattle, Washington.

"Gia gave us such thoughtful feedback for our new nonprofit podcast series! My session was very helpful and I really appreciated her insights and suggestions for the show! Love the tagline for the podacasts as well! So worth it! " - Bindu, The 2020 Mom Project / Los Angeles, California.

"Gia Duke is one of the most passionate, inspirational and forward-thinking women I know. As I embarked on an exciting new career endeavor—starting a women's lifestyle magazine—Gia was there for me every step of the way, encouraging me to open my mind and heart, be courageous and think bigger than I had ever imagined. She has been a powerful force in my journey and one I am so thankful for. " - Maryann LoRusso, editor-and-chief and creative director, Redtypewriter / San Francisco, California. 

"What I most love about Gia is her compassionate and effervescent energy: bubbly, caring, supportive, generous and real. She's all about connection and helping other to shine. If you're in search of a success partner to help you find your mission and make it matter, Gia is your gal. She's my champion, cheerleader, council, and friend." Lachlan / Founder, SatoriBan Wang Chin, Phrae, Thailand. 

"Gia Duke is one of those incredible humans whose heart is approximately the size of the BLUE WHALE (roughly VW Bug sized...v. big).  She has this enthusiasm and child like JOY that she brings to absolutely everything....whether it's teaching, podcasting or coaching.  Gia = super L O V E.   I highly recommend spending time in her magical sphere!" - Sarah SeidelmannMD, Author, Life Coach + Shamanic Healer / Duluth, Minnesota. 

"Gia has a amazing gift to bring out the best in others. She has dedicated her life to helping others and she lives that every day. When you work with Gia, some small piece of her light with stay with you permanently. Gia is talented, fun, dedicated, and working with her will be one of the best choices you could ever make. Do not wait if you have the opportunity, work with her now!" - Kendrick Shope / Sales Coach / Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Want to know more about me? Come on over here.

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