"Gia is turbo charged energy and pure loving sizzle. Her energy is electrifying. If you want a bucket list parnter, she'll make it fun and help you get it done. The girl's got me jumping out of a plane. Literally." 
- Susan Hyatt, Luck Creator / Life coach, Oprah Magazine contributor / Evansville
"Gia has changed my life - and in such a big way. I didn't think that was possible when I signed up to work with her. I thought "what is this coaching stuff? Now I can say: I was a motivated person with a more than healthy work ethic to begin with, but with her behind me - I am unstoppable." 
- Rebeccah, Scientist, Mover & Shaker / San Francisco
"Gia has a amazing gift to bring out the best in others. She has dedicated her life to helping others and she lives that every day. When you work with Gia, some small piece of her light with stay with you permanently. Gia is talented, fun, dedicated, and working with her will be one of the best choices you could ever make. Do not wait if you have the opportunity, work with her now!"
- Kendrick Shope, Speaker, Believer / Chicago

"Whatever Gia's is passionate about she puts her heart into it. From founding a non profit, going to Africa, starting a business or dancing on the dock! Gia gives off a certain aura of positivity.  She is totally non-judgmental and supportive and an amazing women who could save the world just with her kindhearted, compassionate words and actions. In other words, Gia rocks!"
– Karen,  RN, Cancer Survivor + Life lover / Reno

"Gia is an amazing coach and natural cheerleader. It’s almost impossible to not be infected by her enthusiasm and motivational messages. She will not only help you personally but will introduce you to a whole new network of people going through the same challenges. Taking Operation OMG is like having eight coaches in one and everyone of them is challenging you to succeed.. Gia is a natural at what she does and she does it well. She is part friend, part coach, and motivational speaker.  She’s got it all."  
- Bob, Student, Army Veteran, Seeking the pursuit of happiness in life / Silverdale
"Gia gives 100% in anything she sets her mind to. She cares deeply about others, even those people (and animals) she's never met. She makes good things happen - whether organizing it herself or encouraging and helping others to do so.  Gia has WOWED me with her creativity - and she's so genuine! She’s the real deal." - Dana, School Psychologist, finder of the positive / Truckee
"Gia Duke is a positive, high-energy instigator. He natural enthusiasm and all-around zestiness gets me fired up and ready for all kinds of hijinks or madcap adventures needed to help save the world through love. Who needs a dose of Vitamin C or a shot of caffeine? When you are with Gia you feel alive, energized and like anything is possible." - Jessica Steward / Coach + Coach Wrangler / Boston
"Working with Gia has been such an amazing experience for me. Not only has she helped me get focused on my business and career goals (and actually get stuff checked off of my long list of things to do to get there) but she has guided me in my personal growth as well. Gia's warmth, giving nature and fun energy make it easy to share with her and it just feels comfortable doing so. I am a better and stronger person since knowing her " 
- Liana, Virtual Assistant + Lover of all things handmade / San Francisco
"I just completed a 10 week coaching session with Gia and it has far exceeded my expectations. When I started, I did not think I needed a coach – I was so far out of touch with my dreams and passions that I could not easily identify what I needed her to help me with. After the first two sessions and homework, I started to feel my love for life come back. She helped me get in touch with that part of me that dreams, explores and has a passion for living."  - Erin, Disney Media, Disadvantaged youth advocate / Los Angeles

"Gia's enthusiasm is contagious! She gets people fired up about themselves, their life, and what they want to accomplish! Gia can walk up to anyone and start a conversation and 8 out of 10 times make the person feel at ease within the first minute." - Mark, Windsurfer + Rock Band Super Star / Seattle

"I'm walking away from Operation OMG with clarity, inspiration and new friends. I'm proud that I took the time for me. This class definitely put my stuff back on the front burner. Thanks Gia!"
– Nancy,
Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Disney Lover / Stanford

"Gia has no fear of asking the hard questions. She steps into the light and tell the truth regardless - she has a high degree of integrity. She can listen openly - really listen and read between the lines. When I talk to Gia I don't feel judged." - Zack, certified VW nut, guitar picker / Leavenworth

"Gia has a driven quality about her -  in a healthy, energized, passionate sense. When she wants to do something, she just DOES it. To me, that’s huge. Her energy is so positive and vibrant, I can feel it all the way over here in Illinois. It’s contagious!"
- April, Life Coach + Lover of learning / Olney

"Gia has a love for all and a passion for dreaming big. She is goal oriented, organized and focused. A planner with follow through. Founding Remix nonprofit was BIG and she was able to focus through organization, detail and communication with people from all different sectors and life travels. She stays realistic, while dreaming and focusing on bigger picture. I feel supported, listened to, understood, cared for, like I am the only person around and in a loving environment when I connect with Gia." - Mark, Teacher, Outdoor Educator / Truckee
"To say Gia is chronically optimistic, open and genuine is immediately obvious to everyone fortunate enough to meet her. People know she cares about them, that shit cannot be faked. To her core she knows life is pure, abundant opportunity, and she will relentlessly (but nicely) remind you of this truth. She has a remarkable ability to keep you focused and see your potential. She is like a magic mirror, reflecting and guiding you to your greatest good." - LS / using her super powers for good / Reno

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