1:1 Coaching

{1-to-1 private coaching with gia} 

Where would you be one year from now 
if nothing in your life changed? 

If you like what you see, cool. 
If not, then don't you think it's time 
to do something about it?

The word on the street is that you're here
to rock your life. But maybe you feel like you're stuck in your now. 

Yes, you've got drive. You've got passion. 
In fact, you're ready to go…but you're not even sure where you're headed. 

No worries, cuz that's where I come in.

Me + You = No more sleepless nights

Straight up. Here’s the deal. 

I know how to help you get clear on what matters most right now and how to generate the guts to go straight after it. 

Think No Regrets MEETS Daring Action

Trust me - I've had enough "wake the fuck up" moments to know that we don't get to hang our hat out here forever. 

Your future is waiting. And I say…no more waiting for somedays. 

Here's how it works. 
You talk openly. I listen deeply. We Jam.
I promise to give you everything I got. 

I will kick your ass + hold your hand + celebrate with you…whatever you need. And most of all? I will believe in you even when you're not sure you believe in yourself. 

What do you say? 
You-N-Me : Lets ROCK this!

Personal Coaching 
We're talkin' no group sessions, no one-size fits-all solutions. I work one-on-one with a very limited number of clients at a time. So our sessions are personalized and tailor-fit for you. 

You'll leave your sessions with clarity, direction and a plan to unravel a problem. I'll give you one metric ton of ideas and the steps to implement 'em. Need help with thinking outside the box? (What box?) Need help saying no? Need help saying yes? I'm good at that, too. 

Think Clarity.
Think Purpose.
Think Direction. 

And that's just the warm up

My clients don't need a coach. They want want. And they understand that they're not paying me. They're paying for their life to change. 

You ready? Begin here, with The Kickstart. 

{60 min phone session + 1 week unlimited email support}

*All new clients start here by booking the first time coaching session with the option to apply for my six- week coaching package after. This price + offer is for new clients only. 

1// Book it. 
Sign up to get started. Click on the button above or you can do that right here

2// Check your inbox.
Once you book your session, watch your email for details from me (w/in 1 business day) and I'll send you the days + times that I'm available and you can choose the one that works best for you. The Kickstart jam session is for new clients only and is sixty minutes in length + takes place via phone. 

3. // Dive in. 
Once your session is schedule then I'll email you my idea-prompting questionnaire where you'll be answering a few questions about exactly what you need and how I can best help you get there. You'll need to fill it out and email it back to me 24 hours prior to your scheduled call. 

4. // Jam with me. 
This is where the magic happens. We'll work together and you'l get exactly what you came for customized just for you. Direction. Clarity. Tips. Support. Game plan. Ready. Set. Go!

5. // What's Next? Want more? 
After your Kickstart Session you'll be invited to apply for my six week coaching package after. If for some reason we're not a good fit, I'll be happy to refer you. 

PS – Please don’t just listen to me..see what “they” have to say. 

“I often wonder where I would be if I had not met Gia and I can just about guarantee the answer is still paralyzed by fear. She's amazing and all heart.” - Kendrick / Authentic Sales Coach, Speaker / Bentonville, AK

"Within the first few minutes of speaking with Gia, I felt like I was talking to an old dear friend. The rare friend who wants to hear about life’s trials without judging or throwing out trite quick fix ideas. The amazing communication stage that Gia builds is the perfect setting for truly productive discussions about moving forward. Gia helped me realize that I had the answers I was seeking, and offered tools to help sort through all the static that clouds the mind. More than anything, a conversation with Gia is comfortable, fun and amazingly productive!" - Will Light Circus Ringmaster /  Reno, NV

"Gia has an amazing way of gently calling me on my crap and helping me see beyond what is holding me back from living the life I imagined. I started off with giant dreams, and then she helped me break them up into bite-sized pieces that were easier to digest and to put into motion.- Erin / Banyan Botanicals Community Director, Disadvantaged youth advocate / Ashland, OR

"Gia will show up for you. She will help you show up for yourself. Her style will rock your world. The coaching sessions with her were worth more than then past 15 years of therapy. It’s like a light has gone on after all these years.” - Mary / Nurse, kickass mama / Los Angeles

"After working with gia I’m walking away with an internal feeling of being able to move forward and self confidence. I'm reclaiming my life again and I'm taking babysteps to my ultimate goal. I have a new motivation. I am proud of getting my life back together. I like myself and who I am. Gia is an amazing coach and natural cheerleader. It’s almost impossible to not be infected by her enthusiasm and motivational messages. Gia is a natural at what she does and she does it well. She is part friend, part coach, and motivational speaker.  She’s got it all."  - Bob / Student, Army Veteran, Seeking the pursuit of happiness in life / Silverdale, WA

Want to know more about me? Come on over here.
I also offer a FREE coaching session for anyone needing dementia support: find out more by clicking here

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